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Saturday, 9 March 2013


I am afraid that this will be my last posting, on this blog, due to personal reasons.
Time these days is in very short supply and FAMILY always comes first to MUSIC (second) in my life.
Many thanks for your support, over the years; and also for the many kind comments I have received about this blog. 

Keep On Rockin'

Graham Rhodes

P.S. If you can only afford to support one festival this year please make it SUMMER'S END as Prog Rock cannot afford to lose events like this one.

Friday, 8 March 2013

The New FACTORY OF DREAMS Album Is Now Available To Pre-Order

The new FACTORY OF DREAMS' concept album entitled, 'Some Kind of Poetic Destruction', is now available to pre-order (see link below).

The Wait is over: The Brand New Factory of Dreams album is now available!!

PREORDER the 4th album for a $2 discount @

12-page booklet with original artwork, 70 minutes of music with 12 brand new tracks, original concept story.

'Some Kind of Poetic Destruction' is Factory of Dreams 4th album. A conceptual scifi album that follows the adventures of Kyra, a unique and mysterious character who holds the key to our fate.

Something is closing in on the Earth. What is it? What is its purpose? What will happen to Earth? Discover this amazing storyline, full of surprises and mysteries, as we follow Kyra on an epic journey to find her purpose, faith and destiny throughout nearly 70 minutes of music.

This new album explores even further the sound of the previous album Melotronical, pushing it beyond the boundaries of the Electronic Progressive Metal genre. Expect poignant melodies, heavy passages balanced by atmospheric parts, rhythmical changes and instrumental sections that are sure to delight all who appreciate the genre.

Track highlights are the explosive Neutron Star, the epic Join Us into Sound, the powerful Dark Season featuring Magali Luyten, the beautiful Seashore Dreams (cd includes the full version of this track ~7 min) and Angel Tears featuring great interaction and duets between Jessica and Raquel Schüler.
Hugo Flores also decided to remake an older song called Playing the Universe, now revamped by Jessica's vocals, that perfectly fits the storyline.

The brand new album features amazing guest vocalists and musicians. Check them out:
Magali Luyten ( of Beautiful Sin, Ayreon, Epysode – Vocals
Raquel Schüler of Hydria ( – Vocals
Lyris Hung of HUNG ( – Violin
Chris Brown ( of Ghost Circus and Roswell Six – Guitar
Tadashi Goto ( – Keyboards
Shawn Gordon of Psychic for Radio ( – Keyboards
Narration by Mark Ashby, Angela Merrithew & Nathan Ashby
Produced by Progrock Records & Hugo Flores, mixed and composed by Hugo Flores
Mastered by Chris Brown
Artwork by Venefica Luna of

Enjoy the release / Share with your friends the new trailer video:


Thursday, 7 March 2013

Y-PROG statement

Kris Hudson-Lee has now released the following statement with regards to the cancellation of Y-Prog ...

We are sad to see the loss of Y-Prog from the festival calendar, and whilst Riverside have agreed to continue on a private hire basis, and Jump have agreed to take Sunday on the same basis we still hope someone will take Saturday and at least give some experience to the people who have travel plans booked.

Y-Prog was cancelled because, whilst initial ticket sales looked good, we saw a virtual stop on the sales. We tried all we could, even paying rather a lot of money to advertise in a rather popular magazine (inside back cover, two issues) but it was not to be. We can't run a festival if there aren't enough people there.

It seems that the prog pie is just sliced too thin these days and is beginning to break up.

This entire experience has cost us dear. There are many costs that the average punter just doesn't realise are there and I can honestly say the piggy bank is well and truly empty.

I personally will not attempt another festival - I well and truly cannot afford to take the risk. If you want a standalone gig, I have a room, I have a PA, but if you want a festival... look elsewhere.

Corporation are refunding all weekend tickets purchased from them, and anyone who had a weekend ticket can present it on the door on Friday to get their Riverside ticket at the advance price. If you purchased elsewhere, please approach whoever you bought your ticket from. Sorry but we cannot do cash refunds on the door due to money laundering regulations.

On a final note, I will now be concentrating more of my time on my father, who at the time of the booking of Y-Prog was just "my dad" and is now one of the most precious things in the world to me. I was hoping he would be fit enough to see me at Y-Prog. I still hope to book a gig so he can see me play.

I am sure this now answers all our questions and more.
It is such a great shame that this festival had to be cancelled; but full marks to Kris for trying to make it happen.
Kris is right about family coming first and I am sure you will join me in sending best wishes to his dad.

JUMP To Play Sheffield Corporation On Sunday March 17th

The Yorkshire Progressive Rock Festival (Y-PROG), due to take place at The Corporation, Sheffield from the 15th to 17th March 2013, was surprisingly cancelled on March 5th.

The Friday show with RIVERSIDE, JOLLY and DIANOYA will still go ahead; however the Saturday and Sunday events will not now take place.

There has still been no official statement as to why Y-Prog was cancelled.
However, if anyone is still planning to stay in Sheffield, for the full weekend, then you may be interested in the following posting on Kris Hudson-Lee's Facebook page ... 
I am pleased to be told by John Dexter Jones that Jump have decided to step into the helm and will be hiring the Corporation Sheffield small room themselves on Sunday 17th March (Support from Katie Buckhaven). Ticket price to be announced (£10), but I am sure John will shout at me in the comment section below.
Now I am trying to get someone to take Saturday... anyone?
Full marks to John Dexter Jones for doing this; but I had already cut my losses and cancelled my hotel etc. when I first heard of the cancellation. Hopefully I will get to see the excellent Jump at Summers End in October.

Summers End Festival 2013 announces Landmarq, Overhead and Thumpermonkey

The Summers End Festival have announced further bands in Landmarq, Overhead and Thumpermonkey.

We are delighted to announce the next three bands for this year's festival to be held on October 4th to 6th at Lydney Town Hall, Gloucestershire. Sponsor and Hero tickets are available from

Landmarq make a welcome first appearance at the festival . After a long layoff, they returned in 2012 with the rapturously received new album "Entertaining Angels" and a series of exceptionally well received live dates that revealed them to be back to their very best.

We are also very pleased to welcome remarkable Finnish band Overhead, who bring their heady brand of psych, prog and metal to Summers End for the first time. The band have been around for over ten years, and have released 4 albums - including 2012s "Of Sun and Moon", not to mention the superb 2009 DVD "Live After All".

Continuing out grand tradition of offering our audience something on the fringes of prog each festival, Thumpermonkey will bring their majestic brand of atmospheric indie prog to our Sunday line up. Expect the unexpected as the band deliver their inventive and powerful music.

The current line up:
Sylvan (Germany)
Landmarq (UK)
Overhead (Finland)
Deeexpus (UK)
Jump (UK)
Thumpermonkey (UK)

Another announcement, including our first headliner, will follow very soon!

Hero and Sponsor tickets are already available from:

• "Summers End Hero" ticket - for those that really want to support the festival. Purchasers will get a standard weekend ticket, a sponsors T-shirt plus a special "surprise" to be announced. £100
• Sponsors Ticket - for those that want to put a little extra into the festival. Recipients will get a special sponsors T-shirt. £85

Summers End has a new facebook page at:!/pages/Summers-End-Progressive-Rock-Festival/356884391002666
Plus the old group at:

OVERHEAD Announce European Dates

Overhead logoFinnish Rock/Metal/Progressive band, OVERHEAD, have announced six European dates for 2013.

Overhead is a Rock/Metal/Progressive band from Finland with a fresh and original sound. Overhead plays melodic and thematic music that varies from gentle ambient atmospheres via more traditional rock to heavier moments.

Overhead's first album 'Zumanthum' was released in 2002 by Mellow Records. The second album'Metaepitome' was released in 2005 by Musea and was very well received around the world. The album broadened Overhead's style and was a big step forward from the debut. Metaepitome received excellent reviews and was the album of the month in various magazines and webzines and received airplay on many radios worldwide.

Overhead has played live in rock-clubs and festivals around Europe, such as ProgResiste Convention (Belgium), Prog'Sud (France) and pROCKfest (Germany) to name a few. The venues ranged from smaller clubs to the palace of The Sun King in Versailles, not forgetting the legendary Spirit of 66 in Belgium, where Overhead has been back by popular demand half a dozen times. All these shows were received fantastically.

The awaited third album titled 'And We're Not Here After All' was released in 2008 by Musea. The album took Overhead's own distinctive sound further, combining vintage and modern with the future. The release was followed with more intensive touring, ensuring Overhead's place on the map.

In 2009 the band headed to Poland to play at the Prog Rock 2009 festival where Overhead's first DVD 'Live After All' was recorded. The DVD was released in by the Polish Metal Mind. The band further supported the new album and DVD with their longest tour yet, playing very successful shows around Europe. The tour also celebrated the 10th anniversary of Overhead.

Now after three years of hard work, Overhead has signed with the German Progressive Promotion Records and are back with the new masterpiece 'Of Sun and Moon'! An album that is lyrically themed with life/death duality, delivered with catchy melodies, dynamic beats and set in familiar Classic Rock scenery. With the music ranging from Rock, Pop, Progressive and Metal, the new album is diverse and intense!

The live dates are as below with more to follow ...
12/04 - Club Liberte, Helsinki, Finland
07/06 - Das Rind, Rüsselsheim, Germany (with Seven Steps To The Green Door)
08/06 - Lakei, Helmond, The Netherlands
09/06 - Spirit of 66, Verviers, Belgium
15/06 - Riga, Latvia
05/10 - Summer’s End Festival, Lydney, UK